Wednesday, April 18

one out of TWO

They say twins are linked from the very moment of their birth. And it is true indeed. It is scientifically proven that the two human beings who come out of the same feminine cell share a lot of parts throughout their lifes. They could probably answer exactly the same to a question, even doing it at the same time. They can like the same music, the same colors, the same films. This rule, however, does have an exception. I don't know about the millions of twins from all over the world, but at least this particular TWO differ in something: picking up their clothing. Too bad, though, only ONE succeeds in this task. Her name is Ashley OLSEN.
Who could have imagined that this so mignone girl and her look-alike sister Mary Kate would have gotten this far. In "Full House" we thought it was only one Michelle, when there were actually two of them. And it was that role as very little girls which rocketed their carrers to starring and producing movies and TV shows and even launching their own clothing line "MaryKateAndAshley". Sadly, this experience into the fashion bizz was as economically successful as a compilation of awful creations made reality.

This is why I couldn't believe it when a few years ago the Olsens started poping out on red-carpet events looking superbly chic and stylish. Unfortunately, MK fell into the hole of anorexia and probably lost part of her sanity on the way. Ashley, on her part, managed to stay sane —at least apparently— and develop the style skills to get to Vogue's top five best dressed of the week just a few days ago. And this happened with her wearing an outfit which was supposedly very casual and random —so go figure how she looks when she does think about it. However she does it, the point is she looks A-mazing 24/7.
Before we proceed, I feel the need to point something out: we are talking about a girl who is 5'3'' tall (1'60m) and pretty petite. OK, this said, I can resume my speech. The thing is that the 2-minute older sister —maybe that's the key to mental health— is going in and out of SUV's and stores and Starbucks all the time. And thank God! because we get to enjoy her great usage of the women's wear. Nevertheless she is not one of those celebrities who won't wear a garment, bag or pair of shoes twice, no —and that is what makes her even more special—, she uses and re-uses her bags and accesories to death. Who hasn't seen the black crocodile Fendi bag or the dark little Chanel one or the now über-trendy Way Farers? This is the secret to look good all the time: having the rare but fantastic skill to mix everything up and make it work. Of course —let's not be cynic— style runs through her veins, otherwise she wouldn't be able to do this. She knows classics never get demodé and that basics match with everything, especially if these basics have colors in common (white, black, grey, khaki, sand colors...) And then there is the more than obvious key that budget is. I'm not saying that you can't look really perfectly and stylishly dressed with ready-to-wear from any department or even thrift store, but money plays quite an important role in this world —the fashion world.
One way or another, my already beloved Ashley is soVIPzone's most stylish and best dressed celebrity of the season. I invite you to track her every and daily step and see for yourselves. In the meantime, take a look at my preferred outfits from the oldest Olsen sister.

I'm off.


paloma,your sis! said...

Iñaki tambien me podrias hacer a mi una entrada de estas, porque yo tambien tengo mucho glam eh!jajaja
muy bonitaa me a costado entenderla pero lo e ocnseguido!
i want this hangbag!OH MY GOD is great!

Paula, so VIP said...

I loves her!!! Me encanta, Im so glad that u included her!!
Also Loved the Dell'acqua update. Well u kno me and animal prints, but this one I actually like. Also we need to go shopping for the latest must haves!!!