Saturday, May 12

sweet home LOUISIANA...

I'm here again with another Britney update. Once more, we can see how Brit's art and vision on fashion had no boundaries and, of course, no taste whatsoever. As much as I love her, there's no way I can put up with all these awful outfits and hats she wears all the time. Brits, however, has her ups and downs; every once in a while she trows on a classic Californian white dress and she matches it with something to cover her feet that's not a complete fashion-crime —purses are a whole other level of junk.
As most of you probably know, the former (only for a few) Diva of Pop has made some sort of super media-successful and yet questionable come-back by performing several of her top hits in selected spots in Californa and Las Vegas. Rumour has it that she's planning on extending her own little tour to some more locations thru the US.
Whatever her intentions are concerning her music activities, the fact is that there seems to be NO WAY of her learning anything about style. She dresses like she never got out of Kentwood, like she can't spend a thousand bucks on a top. But maybe it is not as simple as that. Sometimes I wonder if her über-famous tackyness is also a part of the Spears publicity tactics. Perhaps they're just forcing your minds —mine already was— into keep focusing on her; it is kind of a long-term strategy so nobody forgets about her anytime soon. One way or another, I'll be right here no matter what, no matter how long, no matter how dirty it gets.
Take a look at Brits' last look-able ensemble and her most adorable accesory ever: little Sean Preston with matching hat.
I'm off.

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Sean Preston Federline Spears said...

ok, so no, i'm an accesory?
what colors do i came in?
how expensive am i?
can i be bought in different sizes?
Is there an special edition of me falling off from my mom's arms?
Were am i been sold?

p.s-iñaki, átate los cordones!

s.preston said...

no olvidemos que soy de louisiana.

Cindy said...

Totally agree with you. Babies that were born after 2000 they can be considered accessories. Goody goody!! more future patients :D