Friday, May 18

when foreigners do CANNES

Everytime, around this time of the year, I wonder if those attending the Cannes Film Festival will not succeed; if they will fail through the stony and yet velvety way that the red carpet is. But once more, disappointment has get to me. I shall not be the most stylish being on Earth for another year. (You can send me your condolences in the shape of garments)

Getting back to the matter... We're only on the third day of the Festival and still I can already name Mr. "All-girls-even-lesbians-wanna-s***w-you" Jude Law the most stylish celebrity of this edition. If his usual elegance wasn't enough to eclipse the lady on his side and the rest of stars and crew of the festival, he chose Mrs. Ray Ban as his carpet-companion. Jude —we've been friends since I introduced him to Sienna Miller— went for a casual-chic look for the morning; he glam-ed it up with a black bazer and his signature vest over an underwear white plain tee.

The shoes were absolutely amazing, laced, shiny and pointed; and it all reached perfection with the superb Aviators in gold. Those same shoes, he used for the night event. Even though it started before darkness took over, Law put on his magnificent and always spotless tuxedo and this time he changed his shades for classy Way Farers. Both looks are almost matchless. By the way, that girl standing next to him is singer Norah Jones, who also stars in his film —she is actually the main character, but who cares anyway.
On the hot and girly side of the matter we have to talk about Diane Kruger. I had never really noticed her; I knew she existed, though. But this time I noticed her, I did INDEED! She was stunning and the audience was lucky enough to enjoy her through the whole night since she was the host of the show. She spoke a perrrfect —and rather sexy, if I will— French as a result of her German roots and being married to director Guillaume Canet. Her beauty and good choice on the outfit made her shine so strongly nobody could've ingnored her even with eyes closed.
Another beauty of the night was a particular dame with a very large carrer in the film industry: Juliette Binoche. She is one os those ladies who get more and more interesting and attractive as time makes an affect on them.
Already in her forties, she caught most of the media attention not only for being such a talented celebrity but for that elegant and charming look in her eyes which makes you feel like only both of you exist in the world; like nothing or no one else is needed but you and her. And she wore black, and did it like the greatest goddess. There are very few times when language is usless and inferior to reality; and this is one of these times.
Well, well, well... there's probably no one in the world who is able to do what this magician of fashion does. Il signore Valentino has not always the best tailored and proportioned tuxedo on, but also the sexiest company. Former-Devil Liz Hurley brought some colour into the picture and seduced the flashes with her curves and that lowered look she has always used —must've worked more than once— as she reflected on Valentino's I'll-leave-you-speechless shoes. I guess I'm pretty much out of words when I try to explain perfection.

And know, for the HUGE mistakes of the day... —you didn't expect me to simply talk nice and go, did you? I should warn you beforehand, though. This, I didn't expect either. This gentleman has always showed a particular sense of classyness in all the events he's attended to so far; but even Jake Gyllenhaal screws it up. DULL would probably be an understatement if we try to talk about his ensemble; not only it is indeed dull, but who in a sane state of mind would ever let someone go out with blue suit and brown shoes?!!!!!??!!! There is no human way I can comprehend this. And, ok, before we proceed to his even worse —if that's possible— company, let me just tell you that I just find something very bizarre on his face. But I'll leave that to your consideration. Now, Chloë Sevigny. There's very little to say about this person. I never understood why she has even been considered a fashion icon at times, but THIS!! this is just terrible, a catastrophe. Again, I can only find an understatement: unproportioned. Black & white with gold and puffiness all around? Is she on crack? Please, make me look to her no more. I cannot comment her. Forgive me.
I'm off.

PS. Look at that cuuute golden scorpion and try NOT to throw up.


esther said...

I love CANNES....
and I love your blog too!!

anna (france) said...

hey boy your blog is great. i love fashion and i do appreciate that kind of blog: you know what really fashion is, and you know how to share your knowledge about that point.
thanks a lot, i wish you the best for you and your fashion blog!

Padi said...

Como siempre, Iñaki enseñándonos el mejor camino a seguir para nunca dejar de estar a la moda. Qué haríamos sin alguien como tú en nuestras vidas? La respuesta es sencilla: " Nos convertiríamos en almas en pena sin glamour". Y eso es algo que no podemos aceptar. Un beso macu!

Marie said...

My, my, my...
As perfect as always with your view about fashion events. I really love the black one, it's amazing... a perfect present, don't you think so? Hahaha.
And sure, the last picture is... how to say it...? I'm agree with you...

Cuanto tiempo sin comentar por aquí, sweety. Trataré de estar más atenta y pasarme más a menudo. ¡Y no odies a mi blog! A ver si lo arreglo...

Byes and kisses!!!

Paula said...

Wat and incredible review. The best one I have read this year about Cannes.
Of course u kno that my Jude is always the most stylish man and the hottest of course. Im just loving those wayfarers on him.
Congrats, an incredible review, as always. Thanks a lot!!

Cindy said...

Don't you think that Norah Jones' hair looks kind of flat? Obvio no en los rizos, pero si en la parte de arriba, she needs some volume, otherwise she looks a bit silly.