Friday, June 15

it's my PARTY and i wear what i want to

Get ready for a hardcore fashion event...

Just a week ago, everyone in the fashion business gathered for THE awards of the year. The CFDA Awards, the fashion Oscars.
This year the Council of Fashion Designers of America celabrated its 25th anniversary as they also celebrated a whole life of achievements for Ralph Lauren with the American Fashion Legend award.

If that wasn't enough, he also HAD to be the winner for Menswear Designer of the Year. It was about time he received a glamourous sample of affection from his fellow designers and fashion buddies.
Mr. Genious Lauren was not, however, the only name that was applauded that same night. A man who recently dazzled us with his resort collection won the award for Womenswear Designer of the Year. But Oscar de la Renta was not the only winner this time, oh no, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler forced the jury into having to end up in a tie. But how bad can that be, having two winners?
Then was Derek Lam who came on stage to pick up his Accesory Designer of the Year award. After whom Monsieur Cardin, Pierre Cardin, reached out for his International award.
Photography god Patrick Demarchelier got this year's Eleanor Lambert award.

Now I may proceed to report the HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE list of masters of fashion dressed on either their own designs or by their favourite designers and that night's party pals.

Just to make you aware of the importance this event has, notice the presence of HER. My whole body writhes of excitement when I look at her. ANNA WINTOUR, US Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, was indeed there. And not only that, but she was wearing an Oscar de la Renta gown from his latest cruise collection which was premiered that same morning. This is, therefore, another way of her showing off her extreme power in this, our world.
She was followed —and not only metaphorically—by this year's winner of the winners Ralph Lauren accompanied by TV's queen Oprah Winfrey. Then some other magnificent figures of fashion made their way along the red carpet. Diane Von Furstemberg had to come since she is president of the CFDA.

Debra Messing kept Michael Kors company for the night as he provided her with a superb cyan blue dress. German top model and Bravo's Project Runway host and producer Heidi Klum also chose Kors to dress her up for the party, Calvin Klein's designer Italo Zuccelli showed up with Alicia Keys wearing one of his designs. Oscar de la Renta attended the party with Fliza Red Bolen who wore one of de la Renta's masterpieces from his cruise collection. Then we could see shoe king Christian Lobutin walking the red velvet and pucking Mary Kate Olsen on the face as she wore an Elizabeth Sames gown and her Miu Miu bag (that she's been using the followong days). After that half of the Olsens, the other half came in looking extremely beautiful in a full-length dark blazer and gorgeous make-up and hair. Marc Jacobs caught up the attention from all the flashes looking pretty elegant; after him it was Calvin Klein himself who charmed the cameras. Photographer Patrick Demerchelier attended the award-giving with his wife Mila. Official most beautiful woman in the universe Riyo Mori shone with a Vivienne Tam dress, who went with Miss Universe to the event. Anna Wintour's daughter was also one of the VIP's of the night and was in for the show with a creation form Giambattista Valli.

Model Lily Cole chose Valentino and went short, as Kate Bosworth did with a design from one of the night's winners Proenza Schouler. Also awarded Pierre Cardin stepped on the scarlet carpet and fashion-disaster-of-the-night Chloë Sevigny was next showing off her personal awful taste with a gorgeous —though— Holly Dunlap gown who posed on her side. Donna and Gaby demonstrated beauty runs in the veins of the Karan females. Zac Posen was responsible for Karen Elson's look and for her company. Vera Wang and the couple made up by Lance Lapere and dark-skinned beauty Liya Kebede in a Michael Kors' followed. Nadja Swarovski posed with the Olsens as Dee Odeppo did with west-coast genious designer Tommy Hilfiger.


Like any other stylish party packed with rich people, it had obviously have to lead to a later dinner. And everyone had to obviously change their outfits for they had been on for sooo long!
Ashley Olsen preferred a The Row styling to have some food eaten and her double went for a Holly Harp. Kings of the night Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough, the Demarcheliers, Derek Lamb, Diane Von Fustemberg and Francisco Costa joined everyone for dinner too.

Hope you enjoyed it. Pray for me to be there next year.
I'm off.

(Photos credit: Sherly Rabbani and Josephine Solimene from


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