Sunday, August 19


Style is a precious gift. That, we know. But most people ignore that it's not only a feature you find within stars, but one that you are born with. This takes us to "ordinary" people; ordinary because they do not get screamed at or asked for signatures. They are the true fashionistas of our time, those who simply have the skills to perform actual miracles on their looks.
Maive Doyle is not only a half-Irish, half-Spaniard student living in Gijón, Asturias (Spain); she is one of the "chosen ones", a person with the power of pulling any sort of garment off to the point of dazzling. Behold.

Having Irish blood running through her veins has, obviously, a lot to do with it all. If you take a look at the —genious— pictures you'll agree that there is actually nothing really "unordinary" about her clothing; and that is right fellas. Shirts, cardigans, skinny pants, shades, bags, coats, hats, vests, scarves... not a thing any of us cannot possess. But I've said she was born with IT. This is why. Maive can compose an outift with Way Farers, Fred Perrys and Birkins and look genuine, look like there is nobody else making their way through their life in this planet that can catch up with her style-rythm. And then we accidentally —though pleasantly— come to find a big word lately misused: VINTAGE. "Oh, la la, Vintage!", another term only few people can dream of uttering making a reference to themselves. But, ladies and gentlemen, Miss Doyle is once again one of those rare beings.
Envy would most likely be what she can raise from within yourself that time you have a first glimpse of her. Amazement is fase number two; and admiration is the finish line. I've won the race.

[Credit photos: Igor >>]

I'm off.

PS. Make sure you check out Maive's amazing blog "Chicken Pie in the Sky" ( Permanent link on soVIP sites.


Alcie said...

Me había despistado la primera foto de john wayne si no llega a ser por el título ! jaja

reconozco que maeve doyle tierra+agua es mi mas firma esperanza a hacerme famoso y ganar dinero en la prensa rosa por nuestro turbulento pasado (y/o futuro).

por cierto, el video dl youtube cn la cámara es buenísimo ! me pareció super gracioso.

ciao !!

TheRainWillRemain said...

maevelio is famous!!jaja
tiene una chaqueta de chandal de táctel que debe salir en mis fotos ya!!

gracias por el link y demás :)