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There's less than a week of August left and it feels just right to free my desperate urge for talking winter-wear. As I advanced over a week ago, this specials which will be showing up at soVIPzone in the following two weeks will be divided in four different parts featuring my favourites from the Fall collections for women and men and the hottest accessories to culminate your looks.
Since there are more collections devoted to women than there are to men, I figured it was the thoughtful thing to start this set of four specials with womenwear.

Mr. Alexander McQueen caught my attention this year because, apart from being a genious, he managed to include the season's inspiration to his particual vision of fashion. My preferred look mixes his signature dark and ethereal with Fall 2007's fur and treated leather. He is simply unquestionable.

Balenciaga has crowned itself the most innovative and visionaire for the season; much will be talked about it so be happy because all sorts of copies are sure to appear in most of your favourite department stores. For this, the brand stands as my favourite fall collection; but we'll have more time to behold its art on its review, due to the middle of September in soVIPzone. My favourite piece combines with absolute perfection the most modern aspects of the season, like lego inspirated shoes, with ethnic touches like updated kufiyas (palestine scarves). It just is the superb urban look for those who love wearing something special but keeping it real.

This famous british house has suffered a delightful modernization since Christopher Bailey was put in charge of its creative direction. Burberry Prorsum, the most luxurious branch proposes an updating of its own classics by means of loads of black leather and metalic finishes using sequence. The outfit I chose is "living" evidence of this.

Our beloved Kaiser of fashion proves wrong, yet again, the world by re-inventing Chanel's very own tweed ensembles. This time, he managed to add with his superb sense of taste black leather and napa and the modern art prints circulating around most of the season's collections. But as he could not be less, Lagerfeld created his own trend: silk scarves tied at the waist.

I'm glad Chloé finally decided to go back to its particular and amazing style instead of keep it going puffy. But they really made it up by creating these amazing dresses, skirts and sweaters with different-shaped plastic pieces attached to them. Nobody will be able to pull off a real trendy look without wearing Chloé's black patent leather ankle-boots. Truly Chloé-licious!

Mr. and Mr. Caten are true masters of surprise; each season they come out with a collection that will not leave anyone impassive, and this season is no exception. I would probably describe their last collection as dominatrix, loads of dark leather and very short, sexy clothes plus straps and fur; can there be any other way to refer to it? It is however both genious and really their style. Hats off.

There are houses of fashion which usually go under the radar concerning clothing. Fendi is probably one of them; and it is most surely this feature wich encouraged the italian brand to push it forward this year. I would say it is Fendi who best combined the leather trends of winter and the jewel colors in fashion; and this means a great deal. Take a look at my most-liked look.

The first time I laid eyes on one of Frida Giannini's creations I almost ran away from fear. It was her first attempt of a collection in the world-famous Gucci; and it went down as a disappointment. But somehow, when summer came again, she amazed the world with her design skills and taste and it seems like it is that effects that she desires to keep rising among fashionistas. Her Fall 2007 collection makes elegance, modernity and classiness walk in unison.

The riding house, that could be a magnificent name for Hermés. I recently visited one of their stores and I have to say I was left more atonished before this alpine-inspirated piece than I was when it came to my sight on the screen. I always love how its style resumes its path through fashion updating itself to drive crazy mode lovers. Bravo.

If you're regular to my blog, you know I like to call him God, for he is a master of the arts. Giorgio Armani won't ignore his insticts once, he will embrace his beloved asian inpiration forever; and I will worship him for that. Fur "à-la-Asian", this is what my favourtie piece is. Behold.

Vogue Spain reads on its September cover: "The other man of your life". Who could else that be but Marc Jacobs? It looks like he got this year's inpiration from Salem, a town packed with witches who were publicly judged and burned alive. Long figures, black and red and wonderful hats.

Since the male couple entered Proenza Schouler the brand has "suffered" a superb improvement. It's classic, clean nowadays clothing. Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough are those to blame for the change. I can only say I would believe in love at first sight if she was wearing PS.

2006 has been the year for his 45th anniversary and the time for Il signore Valentino to deny the rumours of his withdraw from the Italian house. I do not believe he is ready for retirement yet either; there's still much left inside him to make it over the half century as owner and creator of the Red Heaven.

WOW!, that was my first reaction to Miuccia Prada's F/W 2007 display. Treated wool in colors I could not even name and looong sequence feathers all over the place. But then I had a few of these designs on my hands, I had the chance to feel them, to let them talk to me. And I was convinced; Miuccia can't be wrong.

Craziness is a very particual characteristic very regularly found in masters and this is just about the right term to give to John Galliano, creative director of Dior. As the house made it into its 60th anniversary, Galliano managed to squeeze a bunch of leather and fur kimono-ed pieces culminated with hut-like hats. Simply, Dior.

I became very close to Givenchy —spiritually speaking— not long ago when Liv Tyler got involved in it as the image of the fragrance "Very Irresistible". What captivates me the most about the house is that easy way to amaze that it has; is it like "there you go, another masterpiece", and so it is. They mark trends and drive everyone nuts with them. And I'm no different.

It is quite funny —if I may— when you think that some brands have survived endless eras of change without scratching themselves concerning style. Yves Saint Laurent is one of them. I particurlarly loved all the fur and leather pieces, and most specially this one, a long vest imitating the green skin of a snake. Just about enough to prove their power in craftsmanship.

I know, I know!, it looks like an Elmo costume. But, truth to be told, this piece of blue fur is quite a beauty. It's not but a simple fur vest over dark leggings and top and yet it fully dresses up the model and overshines any other clothing around. Isn't it wonderful when you come to think of it like that? Versace. Duh.

Giambattista Valli is not that known among the common public (no offence) but he really should be. This season's collection could easily be confused with Marc Jacobs'; the Salem inspiration is undeniable, as it is the inviduality this collection also has. The lines are much like Jacobs' but the whole sense of the compilation is more Puritan. Anyone wearing this would have been spared their life then.

I'm afraid something like the "leopard fever" will soon be discovered; it would be the only possible explanation for Dolce & Gabbana's late constant disasters. I only included the former couple's collection in this special because I've always loved their creations deeply and because they are, nevertheless, great designers and have introduced, even this season, awesome features. May God be with them for Spring 2008.

This is it for now. Keep checking back for the second part of the special: MALE HIGHLIGHTS, by the end of the week.
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I'm off.

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