Wednesday, November 21

CELEB hunt

During the past few days, a few of my favourite (for diverse reasons) celebrities have been poping out showing their new looks around.
Pregnant Nicole Richie has been appearing in daylight more often lately, and thank God! I really missed her casual chic and the way she uses black all the time. It's just amazing. Thanks bitch!

High School Musical has already come out on DVD in the States and that means some promos here and there. Zach Efron went for a very cool look mixing white chucks and skinny denim with a shirt, a tie and a waistcoat. 

And to cope it all he added a retro jacket ro bring some shine and classiness in. I wonder who chose that outfit for him.
One of his HSM partners, Ashley Tisdale, seems to be getitng carried away in terms of fashion. She just arrived in Maui for some resting or whatever and she tought that Louis Vuitton was the best options. Of course, she had to carry all of it herself because otherwise we wouln't tell it's hers and that would be such a shame. The worst part of it is that she's wearing a tracksuit!!

It had been a while since I last spotted a candid of Heath Ledger out and about town. I never had thought we would turn into an eclectic version of a fashion freak. It is actually a ver interesting outfit and, why not, fashion estatement. It takes both loads of confidence and personality to pull that off without looking over-done or over-thought. Good job, mate.
And to finish, the most exquisite dessert. Selma Blair has been nice enough to let the whole world admire her endless style and beauty one more time. And we cannot get enough of it. The boots are fantastic, I absolutely love the height and the color!

I'm off.

[Credit photos: JustJared]


natalytan said...


ojala te viera esto alguna pag conocida xq te lo curras taaaaanto!


natalytan said...

alguna CARA*



Coco's Tea Party said...

yey another post!!!
Heath is looking realy strange at the moment I think, I'm not liking it, I used to have a little crush on him but now not at all!
Selma is seriously hot! I love her look!
Nicole is one of my faves, she looks so cute with her bump!

Richarsson said...

i love selma

Coco's Tea Party said...

I've just come back to the post and looked at how ridiculous Ashley looks
too many bags
but at least she's carrying them herself!

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

Ok I must admit I'm loving Heath's look! Is that weird?


Othalia said...

i am loving selma's hot!!