Tuesday, November 27

MAJOR flashback

There is always something foretelling about hair and women. I learnt it from Britney. Whenever a change is made it means business, serious business. With Victoria it was quite easy, first was the hardcore cut from the mane and then it darkened... We all knew something was happening. Not long after that the Spice Girls reunion tour and Greatests Hits album were revealed. Everything fits like a 3-year-old puzzle. But now that everything's official, that we all know everything, it is funny looking at Mrs. Becks and realizing that the old Victoria Adams is back. Same hair, same outfits. (Not-so-same face and assets, though) But it feels great, I feel transported back to the time when I adored her.

[Credit photos: JustJared & Google]

I'm off.


Coco's Tea Party said...

I think Victoria looks much better as a brunette
her hair looks amazing at the moment

Cindy said...

Blast from the Past
She definitely looks complete now that she has her "natural" color back. Classier and more fashionable than ever, Posh is back