Saturday, November 10

time for a CHANGE

Dear soVIPreaders,

Since I moved to London only a couple of months ago most aspects of my life have suffered a change or better, an improvement. This is why it feels just right to rearrange soVIPzone's late motif; not its essence, but its way of showing contents.
Fashion blogs are not unordinary these days, in fact loads of them rise out of the blue everyday. I feel that the fashion world, like most things in our world now, is walking to quite a snoby direction I strongly disagree with. It is true that there will always be a certain snobism and superficiality to fashion, but its real essence is porsuing beauty through art. That is what I want to do with soVIPzone, find the precious things out there and share them with those who, like me, see fashion as a way of self-expression without worrying about anybody else's opinions.

I shall start my journey through that path now.
There will be no more reviews or anything that follows standards. Everything will be my way, about what I like. soVIPzone will be ME.

I'm off.


Anonymous said...

OMG that pic is the BEST pic ever!!! xoxo xtkh

Coco's Tea Party said...

I agree
although I sometimes become a fashion snob myself
it is a hard habbit to break