Saturday, December 1

a MESSED UP spread

Ever since I started adoring Vogue, there has always been a bigger crush I've had for the US version. There is something about it that I cannot explain and that is addictive. This is why when they mess up I feel majorly disappointed. Sadly, December's Holiday issue has caused that reaction.
If having Penélope Cruz surrounded by bullfighters was not awful enough, the shoot had to make the cover. I can not explain how upset I was when I found out, but having a printed copy of it in my very hands was simply too much. I can not possibly understand how Annie Leibovitz —one of my favourite photographers— enjoyed shooting this.
I "invite" you to take a look at the shoot. It is quite a shame that they didn't take advantage of the huge pontential Penélope's sister, Mónica, has. She is —along with the beautiful couture pieces and Leibovitz's art— the only worthy thing from the whole spread.

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I'm off.


WendyB said...

I wonder when the bullfighting movie Manolete is coming out. It's obviously what this is pegged to but there seems to be no release date at all. As I recall, Vogue said before the end of this year, but I certainly doubt that!

Coco's Tea Party said...

it is a rather gross shoot
I very rarely by UK or US Vogue, and this has kind of made me glad for that hahah
I agree the US one is better though

cindy said...

She looks kind of stiff, and who knows, maybe age has affected her because she doesn't look that fresh and natural as when she worked with Ralph Lauren about 5-6 years ago.