Monday, December 31

thoughtful MODE

It is in this very moment of the year when everyone analyse, or so they say, what they've done and, hopefuly, learnt throughout the last 365 days of their lives. soVIPzone is not very keen on the new year celebrations nor on the endless compilations of celeb pregnancies, break-ups and other in and outs of the lives of the rich and famous that are elaborated to "amuse" us until this 2007 is over. Then we have the popular new year resolutions, most of which will not even be remembered once the fourth glass of Möet has been swallowed.
This is why your style source comes with a fantastic proposal for 2008, a way of continuing with the hard task of a fashionista in a thoughtful manière. How about achieving the perfect casual look with a touch of chicness and helping others on the way? Veja, a french shoe-making company, presents The Veja Project —a plan for life based on three very simple values and yet of outmost importance: "using ecological inputs; using fair trade cotton and latex; especting workers’ dignity". Traditional cotton is replaced by organic one, the latex is naturally grown and the leather is ecological; by these means the brand "emphasizes solidarity and environment from the small producers in Brazil to the public" creating the perfect symbiosis between good-quality fashion and respect to the workers and the environment.
Yes, everything is done within respect and fairness but are the shoes truly fashionable? The answer is a big YEAH. Veja contains five different collections including one for babies all with a different style but with a certain retro look. Veja Volley gets the inspiration from a Brazilian 70's model, find their canvas in as much colours as you can dream of. Veja Grama, Veja Grama Leather and Veja + Christine Phung, an interesting collaboration with this fashion designer including Pop inspiration, are the other collections that can be found and that will satisfy everybody's picky tastes. After all, they're French.

Let those lame resolutions get demodé and contribute to actually help others with this stylish and écologique proposal.
Have a very Happy New year, may it be filled with loads of style, class and, why not, good health so you can pull them off.
To find out more about Veja, including their entire collections and philosphy, click here.

I'm off.


Patent Shoes && Rants said...

That's a good idea!
The shoe kind of looks like a classy take on a bowling shoe. Very retro and gangster =). Loving it.

Happy New Years to you as well!


Coco's Tea Party said...

I hope you had a great new year
I have to say I don't like those shoes at all, give me a patent pump instead anyday hahaha
Good luck blogging in 2008!!!

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

Some of the models are retro nice, some not so much. I would like them on guys but never on ladies.

Happy 08!


Curly boy! said...

Mataría por las gafas de adrian brody ! y por correr detrás de trenes como él. y por ser Wes Anderson, el director.

Richarsson said...

me guuusssstan
yo tambien quiero ser wes anderson y trabajar con todos y con bill más