Thursday, January 17

a FIGHT for my love

They just can't get enough. Of me. That's the only part the song missed, maybe on purpose in order not to give away what today is a secret no more. Rachel Bilson has decided to fight Ashley Olsen for my love. Her first move has been copying one of my favourite jackets form the Olsen.
Who will win my heart in the end? Will Rachel start war? Or will everything end in a little fashionista quarrel?

Give me a hand. Who do you think wore it best?

[Photos credit: Olsen-Fan and JustJared]

I'm off.


NonchalantMod said...


Ashley you know you are my idol, but im going to go with Rachel..

Bobble Bee said...

Olsen! no doubt :)

Tinsley said...

hmm this is a tough one - i love how it fits on rachel but i dont like her accesories too much

id have to say ashley just cause i think she looked great that night ;)

Anonymous said...

bilson for sure. she kills it