Wednesday, February 13

IT bag to-be?

There is a new one every season, even every month! Celebrities buy them, wear them and throw them away like I buy and gobble up skittles. What is this new season keeping in sore for us in the woman's-best-friend department? Only time, and loads of visits to Barney's, Harrod's and Sloane St. will tell. In the meantime, soVIPzone comes with a proposal  — Celine was never known for being the it brand for a season, but there is something about the Orlov bag. It was a few weeks ago when I went pre-season window shopping (as I like to call it) with a friend; a Celine catalog came my way in a deliciously brand-selected shop in Barcelona. I admit the only reason which led me to take the catalog home with me was its curious vintage notebook appearance. It laid on top of several Vogues for days but a certain glow started coming from it one random evening, that's when I saw it. Perfectly shaped leather in a simple yet practical and chic form. The Orlov bag portrays everything important for the nowadays lady: utility in style, it's the perfect choice no matter if you're working or going on a weekend trip.
[Above: Black goatskin Orlov bag]

Vanilla goatskin Orlov bag

Grey pearl alligator Orlov bag

[Picture credit: Celine]
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I'm off.


Anonymous said...

aren't you go to tell us about Madrid Fashion Week?

iñaki said...

I am sorry, but I don't like Madrid Fashion Week very much. However, if you want some good info about it, do visit


Shaz said...

I do love this celine bag, it's very classic. The handle height is perfect!