Thursday, February 7

night, black and beyond

I was desperate for some action! I have been endlessly going through the Spring collections, trying to remember every single ensemble so I am ready in a moment like this. However, I am not. Last night, at last, a proper fashionable event occured in the city where la mode is protagonist for the week. The opening of the new Gucci store was the perfect ocassion for Madonna to hold a benefit gala for her own  charity Raising Malawi. Only her Ladyship can gather such a big number of celebrities. Only I missed it.
Ignoring that February is still young and cold, most of the attendants wore outfits out of the Spring collections. However, night-time avoids being eclipsed by imposing its ever known etiquette: black. Only a few dared to disobbey, and for that I love them.

When Drew Barrimore signed that contract with Gucci jewlery she probably didn't realize how restricted her wardrobe choices were going to be. This summer's Gucci collection is, overall, a bore. After the contract expires, she'll have nausea everytime she spots a yellow garment or a big flower print. Apart from poor Drew, I have to admit I was impressed by all the good choices of the night. All my dearest ladies have apparently very-well understood that simplicity is just so in this season. I did not know haircuts could perform a whole image metamorphosis, but this is certainly the case of umbrella spokesperson Rihanna. Her emerald green was perfect; it suited her skintone and was the adequate night-alternative to black. Also, I loved the make-up and hair. But who could be more chic than expert of chicness Katie de Cruise. I think those shoes were totally out of the equation, but so was Tom and, really, I have no need to look at her feet. Red, clean and simple, there's nothing else to it. My last black-skipper of the night was my darling Gwyneth. Pink and its whole palette are a match for her skin and smooth style. For me, this dress was the mini aftermath of last year's Oscars gown. Any thoughts?


Rihanna was also very right indeed when she opted for Yves Saint Laurent for her Cosmo party. YSL's summer collection is probably my favourite; my outfit today is actually inspired on it — grey jeans, bright blue cotton sweater and black blazer. The only faults I found on Rihanna's overall are that awful military necklace (YSL's season flaw) and the out-of-place sandals. But she is forgiven. Sophia Bush, which is keeping fashion bloggers quite expectant lately, made her final debut last night with a beautiful grey Lanvin? gown. I hope my deeply admired Coco will now include her in her tea parties' list.

Now, to end, remember a few posts back when I busted Rachel Bilson being a copy-cat and wearing Ash Olsen's jacket?
Well, it's happened again. Rachel thought she could get away with it, being in Rome, but oh no! This time, she wore Christian Louboutin's tacked botties. Also, her manière of wearing it, with dark jeans, reminds me of MK's at Sun Dance Festival. What do you think?

[Credit photos: JustJared and Vogue]

I'm off.


Sergio said...

Siempe es interesante estar a la última con tus post's



Coco's Tea Party said...

I think Katie looked fab in red
In a way I kind of wish she would have a better husband but oh well
Also the olsens? They have the best style!