Friday, February 22

style HERO

Yeah, his face does look familiar. Whether you're the romantic comedy lover or the sci-fi action freak, you do know his face. Milo Ventimiglia has gone from scruffy-looking trouble maker into literature to supernatural hero fighting to save the world (and the cheerleader) but the truth is he now is a 30-year-old man in whose eyes you can read charmer in italics. Apparently GQ's icon-finders have been able to read this too and so Milo is the centre of the magazine's latest fashion editorial: "Killer Khakis" shot by Nathaniel Goldberg. Have a look.

Picture above: Armani Collezioni
suit and the Blinde sunglasses

Ralph Lauren Black Label combo (suit, shirt and tie)

Suit and shirt by Calvin Klein Collection

Suit and shirt by Prada

I don't have the least idea of how he likes a suit cut, but this samples are pretty sweet. Now, ladies, how do you like us dressed, in a gentleman-y suit or in jeans? What about you, gents, how do you like yourselves better?

[Picture credit: GQ,]

I'm off.


Aisha said...

I love it when men dress in suits.
Jeans are ok, but dark coloured suits are great!

Adele said...

aww Milo Ventimiglia is my perfect looking guy :)
I love it when guys wear suits... all those Milo are wearing are great.. but only on special occasions... ive sin some guys trying the whole suit thing at parties and it doesn't look right... if you know what i mean :)

Kiera said...

Oh, sweet blog! This is a great post, I love the tie clip, it's like nerd gone bad? Maybe... well, whatever, I love it!


hannah said...

he is quite the man. i actually would prefer my man in skinnies. i dont know what it is...but i like it. and just a tshirt. basic and easy.

thank you for the link. that is so sweet.


bronwyn said...

He is HOT! He really does look good in a suit, although I confess I do prefer him in Hero's without his shirt on ;)
PS I've linked you

dontsayowt said...

I love him, PERFECT guy!

Such a great blog, love it!

Mary-Laure said...

When I met my boyfriend, he was wearing ballet tights and ballet slippers. Yes, it was in ballet class.
My point being: I like a man who has enough self confidence that he doesn't need a manly outfit to look and feel like a man!

bronwyn said...

I've passed an award on to you - please check my blog for details

Elizabeth said...

Lots to like about this boy. I like him in the beige-y color; that can be so difficult to get right with light skin tones. I'm really into the narrowness of the suit and the shades.

Coco's Tea Party said...

I was swooning over this shoot earlier in the week
men are never styled well in mags, but this is just perfect!

riz said...

I think there has to be something interesting in the cut and/or presentation of a suit - it has to be stylized in order for me to appreciate it. My bf is really into sneakers, he tends to wear jeans a lot...

btw - I REALLY love Katie Holmes's Azzaro (?) dress in your sidebar pic!