Sunday, February 24

sunday morning

I have drag myself to write a little post today to create in my mind the blurry mirage of something useful done on a cloudy Sunday. Saturday afternoon was filled with fashion discoveries; I promised myself to find things out of the ordinary so I headed to El Born, the best place in Barcelona to realize this endeavour. I came across great pieces by Marc Jacobs, Paul Smith and Daniele Alessandrini, to finally find the bargain of the day —a K by Karl Lagerfeld t-shirt with his comic-like face stamped on it. Following visits to diverse vintage shops lost beside La Rambla offered me ridiculously priced tailored shirts by Givenchy and other well-skilled fellows I banned myself from acquiring without thinking it over for a day or two.
What do you think about my acquisition?

Now, and to fill this a little more, I shall proceed to answer the few questions from the Thinking Blogging Award passed on to me from Bronwyn of FashionAbility, whose blog I highly recommend visiting if you haven't yet. Here we go.

What is the story behind the name of your blog and nickname?
My blog's name comes from a brainstorming session that took place years ago when I first opened my now long-evaporated msn space. I wanted the name to scream exclusivity, something I've always adored and pursuit. My nickname is simply my name, it's Spanish.

What has been your best or worst blogging experience?
I'd say it has been a great experience from day one. I wouldn't consider it as bad, but it was a little frustrating at first not finding comments at all. When all sorts of people from all around the globe started commenting I couldn't be more glad, thank you all!

What do you want to happen to your blog in 2008?
I just hope to be coming up with great ideas I can share will all of you. I really wish I could sometime be some sort of reference in this world.
I know I should be passing this to someone else, but I feel i shouldn't because otherwise this will never have an end. There's a top blogging section on the right side, there you can find my favourite blogs, but I don't reckon I should choose anyone because every blog has something different and special, that's what keeps us all interested.

I'm off.


riz said...

I really like this shirt - it certifies the iconicity of karl. I javen't seen a lot of the K Karl Lagerfeld pieces sold around lately... wonder what's going on with that line...

Suzanna Mars said...

I like the shirt and would be tempted to wear it while eating horsemeat to maintain my fabulous physique. Since this ain't gonna happen, I'd probably just wear it with really dingy old leather jeans and punk it out. Then someone would say, Isn't that Dickie Rubberbottom from Dickie and the Plugs?

But you have iconoclastic and triumphant style and will be able to wear it and not have to fend off questions as to whose face is on your chest.

atelier said...

I love that shirt! I'll go to Barcelona in one month, so if you have any other cool shops, you'll tell me;)! I felt the same when I first got a comment on my blog:)!