Sunday, March 9

COLOUR for us

I have lately become aware of the fact that I rarely post about menswear, a bizarre thing considering I am a guy who obviously has to dress and hence be updated about the men's fashion world. Well, I have the intention to post more regularly about the trends and inspiration oriented to men, specially those which influence me the most at the moment. However, I am also aware of the fact that most of the readers (at least those who comment) are girls so I would like to hear some feminine opinions about male fashion; what you like better on us and what you think it's totally wrong.

Summer is always the time for colour but I am not quite the fan this season. I love very settled colours, but mostly in the winter when I can play a lot more with them. This year, I found utterly interesting how designers have introduced the brightest of hues through jeans. This made me question my almost complete elimination of colour in my summer wardrobe and threw me for a little web tour to find some good proposals like these for the season. Well, I have.

Red is quite the boss this season, but it usually is like that. I actually bought some very amazing red jeans from TopMan last year. I am very glad I did. After having a look at most of the male collections, I couldn't keep Gucci out my head; I love the way Frida Giannini has played with red in different garments and materials, mixing it up with a lot of black leather and that black and white pattern you have surely noticed too in the women collection. My other favourite using red is Purificación García, a Spanish designer not very widely known even in her country. However, I often visit her shop either in Madrid or Barcelona and I find very interesting how she plays with colour in a subtle way, making very stylish and urban-chic proposals and including sort of a Spanish preppy touch that I have to confess I'm very fond of.

From Gucci are also other more daring hues of jeans —orange, lime green and yellow. That particular shade of orange has me going crazy wondering whether I should buy something similar if it decided to come my way. My goal for this new season was to keep it very very simple, all very clear colours, loads of plain tees, only changing the outfit including different cuts of trousers, playing with belts, shoes, socks and hats. I wanted to wear all that with my beloved classic blazers —rolled up sleeves— and different kinds of foulards and scarves. As a matter of fact, I became fascinated only this morning when I found this Dries Van Noten scarf which would give life to any ensemble.

What do you think?

[Picture credit: and Purificación García]

I'm off.


hannah said...

im loving the idea of colored jeans with a black top/jacket. there is a guy at my school who dresses like this and i really enjoy his style.

María said...

I love that Dries Van Noten scarf. I'd like to see more guys with plaid pants (as they don't work in most women bodies) and coloured shorts.

.FashionablyAddicted. said...

yeah, I do agree with you, it probably won't stop..but hey, on the other hand-i love gucci's colored jeans! i don't see anyone wearing them at my school, so I'm gonna find some and turn some heads! :) [[ps: i do like the would liven up anything..]]

Ane Sunde said...

I love the pics you have posted! And I really want a leather jacket like one of those guys..

atelier said...

I wish my boyfriend would use colour jeans instead of always jeans!

Aisha said...

I love men fashion, surprisingly sometimes i like it even more than women's.

The coloured trousers remind me a lot of Mika, I love his style.

Btw, i linked you :)

Style On Track said...

Those coloured jeans on guys are a hot idea!!

love it :D

Monika said...

interesting men point of view!

discotheque confusion said...

what is it about shorts on men i'm finding so fantastic at the moment?

I think it's a lovely antidote to all those overly-revealing skinnies I've been exposed to.


alluretone said...

i love the scarf and i'm thinking i need to get some colored jeans this summer!

Jillian Hobbs said...

THAT is exactly what my goals for this year are!
Keep it simple
I want to stock up on TONS of basics (especailly if i can get my hands on 'The Row') and have a very simple classic wardrobe. Then just play with accessories. I have tons of scarves and belts and hats that I NEVER wear and I figured this was my chance to use them a bit more and show them some love!

I LOVE that Dries Van Noten scarf too btw gorgeous I'm slightly addicted to scarves I have a MASSIVE collection of all different kinds and colours!

and I think the blazer ideas is fabulous! I have a black one and I've been wearing it more and more it makes any outfit look really crisp and chic!

I adore your blog <3
Hope you wont mind if I link to you! <3
keep blogging :)

Coco's Tea Party said...

URGH, I am sorry but there are few things I hate more than coloured jeans
PLEASE can this not be a menswear trend, it is bad enough on women!!!!
But I do like the fact your doing some menswear, it's a nice change!
x x x x

Secretista said...

I love it. I'm not a fan of a man in skinny skinny jeans. But, the colored jeans, I like. Well-dressed men get my hormones raging. LOL

Aisha said...

don't worry about the link, you have an awesome site and i love to visit it, how could you not be on my links? :)

Gloria said...

mm, love the scarf!

NonchalantMod said...

I lover all the pictures you posted! i did a post on menswear and you can see some lovely clothes!

riz said...

I too love the colored jeans. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I work very hard, as does Suzanna my blogging buddy, to craft quality prose...

Apropos that:
I'm not sure I "like" all the top ten choices, but I really want to see what other people think about designers I believe are worth talking about.

a side order of style said...

When I look at this post I wonder why men are so scared of color. Or at least the ones I encounter on an everyday basis. I love the checkers, textures and colors.

much love,

Iheartfashion said...

I love a man in red pants! I bought my husband a pair of Etro red cotton trousers and a pair of deep burgundy Miu Miu cords this year.