Thursday, April 24

IRON woman

I am currently suffering from a pleasant fever, it's called the Gwyneth fever. I am loving everything about her lately; her über-cute american accent when she speaks Spanish, her short hair, her endless legs, that smile... I guess everything was self-explanatory. Ever since she decided to get rid of half of her golden locks she has been dazzling me with every in and out of the red carpet spotting.

It all started right before she paid her visit to the hair salon, with YSL grey dress that I adore. To the right, the current Paltrow in white Stella McCartney, rocking sheer, blazer and booties!

I can't spot this shade of pink without remembering Rachel Bilson in Chanel. However, I think Gwyneth looks lovely in this, I love the hair and accessories. To the side, a printed wrap dress I first thought ugly and now intriguing; she makes it look rock-chic.

Two of her last picks I found very interesting. That short Sonia Rykiel dress with the face in it would have probably been the last thing I chose, but she pulls it off, looking chic with a bit of an edge. I'm sure her other dress, to the right, made you think of Marion Cotillard's Gaultier at the Oscars, only white; well, Jean Paul designed this one too. She looks amazing in it, although I could totally see Cate Blanchett kicking some butt in it!

She is the boss when it comes to black. The Preen dress (LBD?) looks fa-bu-lo-us on her and those ultra-high Dsquared2 are so damn sexy! To the right, another cute black dress with a black (Burberry?) coat and A-MAZING ankle boots!

Last, my favourtie look so far, a casual one. Her Stella McCartney blazer (rolled up sleeves, yay!), plain white tee, skinny blue jeans and flat black boots. Perfection, here she comes!

Your favourties?

[Picture credits: JustJared]

I'm off.


Curly Boy said...

Woooooo Gwyneth ! cuando vi que había mensaje de sovipzone pensé que finalmente habías accedido a mis súplicas de belleza monegasca, pero me encuentro con gwyneth, la cual, desde luego, forma parte de mi top 10 de "mujeres que me dejarían al borde de un ataque de nervios". qué qué qué genial en los tenenbaums. soVIPupload (y no digo que el resto no lo sean, pero esta en especial, sovipfriend).

Coco's Tea Party said...

Great minds think alike huh?
I think she looked stunning in her LBD
I almost wish I hadn't done my post on her yet so I could have included it! She is on a role
And I guess the pink is just good to you as you think of Bilson and I think of Biel
And I think you'll agree Bilson looked a lot better!
x x x

WendyB said...

She has amazing legs!

Ray TETAUIRA said...

i love her second look !! she's so sweet in white

hannah said...

she has been looking great. she has amazing taste in shoes!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I adore Gwyneth. The shorter hair looks so nice on her. My favorite look would be Margot from Royal Tennenbaums, is that cheating?

Chloé Van Paris said...

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Danz said...

When I saw that pink dress, I immediately thought of jessica biel in Oscar de la Renta.

Gwyneth has been looking more risque than I thought she could be. She looks great though.

riz said...

i think i said this before elsewhere but many people are taking note that gwyn. is stepping it up! rightly so...

ohfuckmeimfamous said...

wow, oscar wilde, the great gatsby...hahhaha at least we have something in common
and fashion, obviously
iñaki?isn't that spanish?

Charlotte said...

I loooooooooove the dress from Sonia Rykiel with the face printed on it! Good blog!