Wednesday, July 2

jeopardized VIRILITY?

For those of you possibly expecting posts about Haute Couture, my apologies. I am not as big a connoisseur I should be to write about such an exquisite thing and there are plenty of blogs out there providing very good quality reviews about everything going on in Paris. Instead, I will still post about the recently shown French men collections for at least what is left of this week.
In opposition to this summer’s male fashion, summer 2009 brings into the picture numerous new cuts and ideas that, outside the fashion world, might translate into outrage or mockery. I myself confess I was struck with a cocktail of interest and denial as I flipped through these collections. Eventually I realized this was a good thing —innovation in menswear is rarely found and even if some things are not to be seen in high street windows they are a step forward fashion-wise.

Once again, women trends for the current season can be found in summer 2009, just like you could see in “to be or not to be… a MAN”. Following that stream we find jumpsuits. Salvatore Ferragamo and Veronique Branquinho presented two quite interesting short jumpsuits. They look surprisingly good on the models, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t as much in a more realistic body. Another more shocking female garment transported onto menswear is the mini-dress, redone by Raf Simons.

Also closely related to women clothing are leggings, which were on for quite a while and now seem to be object of contempt. Well, they are making a comeback next summer, only the legs they will cover will be rather hairier. Veronique Branquinho, Lanvin and Comme des Garçons have them full length and slightly looser than those for girls. The fresh aspect is they are worn under short pants —used to make a colour or fabric contrast and to add dynamism.

However, there are those who chose to keep leggings closer to the original concept. That is, on their own or under slightly longer tops. This is the case of Comme des Garçons and Maison Martin Margiela’s shiny sequined ones.

A more likely proposal within the leggings universe is knee-length ones also worn under short pants. Givenchy’s seem like a chic way of innovation without crossing the boundaries between fashion-forward and madness. Raf Simons leaves short leggings on their own, which doesn’t strike as surprising provided it was them who made dresses.

Last on the list is the skirt. Embarrassingly enough, the first thing that popped into my mind when I laid eyes on Comme des Garçons’ skirts for him was Kevin from the Backstreet Boys. He has been the only man I have even seen wearing a skirt. This time, they can be found in all lengths and especially in black and white.

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Now I wonder, is it really necessary to bring in previously used womenswear trends or transform their garments into unisex? Can’t innovation in menswear take place on its own?
And also, does this redirection of fashion jeopardize our virility?
What do you reckon?

I’m off.


thesil said...

Imaginaba que eras español pero en tu perfil pone que te ubicas en el Reino Unido y eso me hizo dudar!jajaja.
Te cambiaré al blog-roll nacional!
Un beso

Ray TETAUIRA said...

omg it's so funny to see we do kind of share the same things and love the same outfits !! i was going to make a list of all my favorite looks from runaway shows and there were this ferragamo and branquinho jumpsuit !! what am i gonna do now dude !!? hahhha

minimalist said...

i love the jumpsuits, yet not sure about the leggings. actually i don't like the skirts for me at all.
of course you need the body to wear the looks.
by the way i liked veronique branquinho'S and maison martin margiela's collection a lot...



por fin uno d los rebuscados posts de moda masculina!!!

Hay algun q otro diseño muy chulo...

m IrÉ pAsaNd0!


Danz said...

I think because specific looks and trends in menswear are reproduced all the time, it may be a little difficult to accept fresh ideas.

To be honest, the only looks here that I like are the first two jumpsuits and I actually don't mind those sequined leggings. The rest, however, look a bit silly to me but if a guy wants to wear them, I wouldn't discourage him. Both men and women should be able to experiment with fashion!

Shaz said...

i like the jumsuits, the leggings are pretty cool, but i'm not sure how many men can pull them off in reality.

Shaz said...

i think you have spam in your comments as well!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Really interesting post. On one hand if women can steal style from the boys, why can't men's style do the same?
I feel stylish men should get more credit than stylish women--they have to try harder to find great pieces and the backlash for a stylish guy is much more negative than that for women. It takes courage for guys to dress great I feel, but I do wish more would do it!

Adele said...

cute new banner! i love it! hope your

hannah said...

i loved salvatore ferragamo. i think the jumpsuit is sexy on a man for some reason.

riz said...

I AM DYING OVER THOSE SEQUENCE LEGGINGS!!!! I am going to score a pair - don't care if they are men's!

Ashleigh said...

1st pic....far likin' the look! cute (even the leggings dep. on how you pull it off-I think it req. lot sand lots of layering).....not a fan of the skirts though... :s

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