Friday, September 12

bluuuue VELVET, and grey and brown and red...

When in search for that touch that will transform your outfit into the ultimate winter ensemble velvet is the key. Specially amongst men collections blazers and trousers can be found velvety both in traditional colours and in more fashionable hues. This might not be a fabric easily found when reaching into your wardrobes, but it proves itself most versatile and suggestive when it comes to texture. Velvet introduces light and different shades of a colour into an outfit, making it easier to put together hues of the same palette avoiding looking uninteresting. Let's have a look at the best proposals from the most relevant runway shows.

Since Frida Giannini entered Gucci the house has seen itself influenced by the designer's colourful soul which was instantly injected into the dark brand's past, not making it any less chic. This is why, once more, I have to crown Gucci one of the best collections of the season. In addition, just as it happened with the womenswear line, there is a sort of boho and hippy vibe which includes playful patterns to make it all even more eye-catchy.

Velvet, however, seems to require high levels of confidence. This is why I have collected some more traditional and classic velvet options as well as the daring new ones. There is a velvet choice for every kind of man. Black and brown are always a safe pick for the traditional men, but go velvet for a bit of an edgy feel. J. Lindeberg, Hermès and Giorgio Armani offer full suits and separate pieces in both colours so you can choose. It is YSL, nonetheless, that offers the most beautifully tailored blazer in black.

Now, for those of you reading and realizing you should spring life into your wardrobe, look closely. There is no need to go overboard with colouring. You can start by trying velvet on a weekend to get the hang of it. Grey (Giorgio Armani), brown (Junya Watanabe) or dark green (Rykiel Homme) are perfect hues that will match anything from your winter closet. Find other items from within the same palette and you're on business. Blue velvet (Dolce & Gabbana) might be harder in the winter but is a very stylish option when mixed with grey.

Olive green and different shades of "mustardy" beige seem to be the most original and stylish pick when trying to bring colour into darker combinations of clothes. If you are past confidence issues and black and brown are a little "blah", this is your colour range. Again, YSL produced perfection in the shape of a blazer. Junya Watanabe's innovative collection included trousers and blazer in some of this colours throughout the entire runway show, which makes it a good designer to resort to. D&G's brown velvet suit is perfect for elegance and edginess in the appropriate dose.

Lastly, for the brave he-fashionista, a range of bold bright hues that will surely make you the centre of any party. Have it bright green (3.1 Phillip Lim), pearl grey (Kris Van Assche), fuchsia (Dries Van Noten), or simply mix it up clearing your mind of any fashion preconceptions (Yunja Watanabe).

Has anyone seen the light after reading about the suggestive powers of velvet?

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I'm off.


steffie said...

Thanks for your great comment. i like your blog a lot!

hila said...

I can't tell you how much I love your posts :)

Myriam said...

I love velvet blazers and skirts. They are perfect if your outfit is simple. Just to add a velvet skirt and your outfit is still simple and clean but yet fabulous!

Love your posts!

Coco's Tea Party said...

I'm loving the more interesting colours like the brown and the red. Very dapper!

Ray TETAUIRA said...

gucci new soul is so inspiring and it fascinates me a lot

Paula Sexy Beast said...

Im loving the Velvet, specially Gucci. Frida sure had some big shoes to fill, but I must say that she is doing a great job at it, and it just keeps getting better.
Luv ya and miss u soo much already. Lots of love.
I guess Ill just see u at McQueen this week!!!!!!!


I love your posts! Always interesting to read.


Chuck said...

Oh I have seen the ligth! Loved the post. I want some silver velvet. I already have a blue blazer and will be puting on later in the season with a grey turtleneck or shirt,
thanks for the advise!


Mary-Laure said...

I've noticed LOTS of velvet jackets around Paris this fall...

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

i lovelovelove the velvet.

Winnie said...

You're right. Velvet is definitely hot right now.

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Mmm...velvet. If a boy I liked was wearing velvet I would be tempted to pet him...

Valentine said...

I love menswear-- the tailored blazers are absolutely stunning!

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