Monday, October 13

eternal sunshine of the spotless ACCESSORY, part I

It is quite a paradox. The deeper I get into fashion the more I like it and the more I want to know more things about it. The more they give me the more I want to be given. Yet at some point during this process I need a rest to quietly sit down and think. New seasons for years that are yet to come are introduced before their predecessors even being, which makes (fashion) life confusing. Nonetheless, I took my chances and made the decision to put together a little S/S'09 accessories special before I find myself too deeply submerged into F/W'08. I have selected my favourites out of as much collections as I could humanly go through in two days —have a look!

Proenza Schouler made me think of a time machine. The Middle Age merges with the Industrial Revolution and the two are seasoned with Lazaro and Jack's very good taste. The result? Extremely stylish metallic and black accessories.

Chunky shoes were away for a while but Dolce & Gabbana want them back. For a little updating they added a fine platform that leaves a hole in the middle of what would have been the wedge. For bags, lots of colour-mixing and unending sequence.

Dior was very much tribal, about Africa. Small versions of fertility goddesses serve as heels and rope-like stripes climb up the ankles from the animal-printed platforms.

Gucci was the ultimate look for the sexy Italian fashionista. Hats are everywhere and their straps match the flowery outfits. Heels go up to unthinkable highs and include bold, shiny fabrics in striking colours.

I always Hermès' innovation within their own little world. Animal prints stick on the sides of hand-luggage and driving gloves are very present adding a rather old-school glamour touch.

Not only Lanvin's silhouettes were stunning but the accessories are undoubtedly intriguing. Crocodile predominates in hues that go from the traditional black to the playful emerald green or yellow. Heels are embroidered and locks decorated with precious-like stones.

The suggestive shoe shapes of Marni already caught my attention a few seasons ago. They keep playing with colours and suede and rather pointy heels. I was also particularly drawn to the very plastic deconstructed flower necklace.

I am becoming fonder of Cavalli as of late. His small but over-decorated accessories are perfect to spring up simple outfits to life.

Wire and chains over high platforms does not sound specially attractive even to the fashion-oriented. However, if the hands of the sisters of Rodarte take part in the design process it is a different story.

Just as it happened with Cavalli I lately like Versace more. Donatella has found a good line to follow and she, too, went for statement accessories that keep great company to clean chic ensembles.

The slight disappointment from Stefano Pilati did not inhibit my adoring of Yves Saint-Laurent's metallurgic shoe-making. Even though I am not quite sure about their wearability.

Zac Posen caught my attention for his bejeweled clutches, over-the-top earrings and futuristic, sharp makeup.

Stay tuned for the second part.

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I'm off.


Coco's Tea Party said...

LOVE this post.
I really want one of the Hermès cases. And I love those Gucci hats.

Maybe you just couldn't se the paps because you were too into the burger?

Paul Pincus said...

"I’m in the mood to be right."

- Chuck Bass

truly fantastic post.

you're a natural.

cheers ; )

Pau said...

Love Hermès bags !!!
Cavalli and YSL shoes are great.
Amazing post

paula sexy beast said...

AHHHHHHHHHH OK u kno accessories have always n forever been my greatest passion, so I have a lot to say bout this post.
Ok Im loving all de shoes, all of them!!!! From all the designers.
About Gucci, Im loving that they keep the Panama hats, great accessory, it gives so much personality to anything u might wear.
Hermes, always n forever obssesed, loving the cocodrile, and Im glad to see that a lot of them r doing it.
Finally loving the Rodarte gloves, I want them, and Im looking for them everywhere but I cant find them!!
Anyways, in the words of a great fashion Guru: I DIE

Winnie said...

Great post, Love the collages. I adore that Hermes stripey case. I neeeed it!

atelier said...

First of all, great post, I really appreciate when people make these collages as I know how much work is that. I love Dior shoes -despite I wouldn't wear it- and also P.Schouler clutches. Gucci is a bit out and Hermès is so unachievable that I cannot even desire it! I love the YSL boots, they are totally amazing, and I think also unwearable... but so cool!!

Juliet said...

From these Rodarte and Lanvin had the best accessories.

juliet xxx

Style Syrup said...

Great post. It looks like you put much time into it.

I think it is easy to become overwhelmed with all the new trends and looks that you simply need to step back a bit in order to fully appreciate the creativity and the beauty of the fashion industry.


Suzanna Mars said...

I'm not an accessories gal: I AM the accessory. (Actually, my sunshine hair is.) However, the Marni shoes are nicely updated platforms that don't seem to have as their mission making the wearer look ridiculous.

I will have both pairs.

(XXX-missed you)

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I really like your focus on the accessories. I'm beginning to realize how much I love accessories...

The Socialite said...

So I think you deserve a fashionable round of applause of this post! Amazing. :]

And those Hermès suitcases are so enticing!

Alya said...

I've been a fan of Marni's accessories (and clothes) for a while now.. And surprisingly, their high heel shoes can be comfy at times..

Ray TETAUIRA said...

u always have nice analysis !!

Myriam said...

Such a great post!! Can't wait to see the second!


This is exactly why I love your blog... Always inspiring!