Monday, November 10

a CRUSH on her (or them)

I am yet to find something inspiring to bring more fashion to you. In the meantime, kill some time with this.

Willa Holland is responsible for this post. First it was The O.C. then, it was Gossip Girl. She has the habit of showing up by surprise on my favourite tv shows and I have a big big crush on her. So I started thinking... what were all the cute stylish girls doing when I went to high school? Here is a little list of my latest and not-so-new tv crushes. Have a look.

[Picture credits: JustJared, GossipGirls,]

I'm off.


Pau said...

Good pics !!!

Mia said...

I´ve never heard about Holland, but she has great style!! love her!

The Socialite said...

ooooh i love your picks! ;) I had never heard of Willa Holland but now I will keep my eyes peeled - she has quite a look.

Juliet said...

i think Willa is super cool and great. I love the attitude her characters have. That's the kind of girls I fall for.

juliet xxx

Winnie said...

Willa Holland has such a great look. Love the other actresses you chose too!

Paul Pincus said...

love willa holland ; ) and emma watson!!! i love her and i think she's a brilliant choice.


Myriam said...

Willa is a little hottie!