Sunday, January 18

twisted CHECKS

Burberry’s legion of über-stylish pickpocketers may seem like yet another confirmation of the recession affecting the world but is Christopher Bailey being tremendously realistic or is he perhaps sarcastic? Relaxed silhouettes, a certain minimalism and an air of neat scruffiness take us back to the 18th century —the time of Oliver Twist.

Just as Dickens did, Bailey leaves his usual intense romanticism in order to portray a more sordid side of the world, that of burglars and vagabonds. Black and grey spread over long coats, trousers and newsboy caps —outfits like out of the British novel. But a ray of optimism breaks through by means of bright coloured lapels and Bailey’s nostalgia of Burberry’s classic checks. More of this juxtaposition is shown in the shape of thick knitwear paired up with light pinstripe suit pants. Neck and chest, which had been previously set free for the spring, now lazily cover up with shirts ending in skinny cravat-like bows and checked neck tubes to protect from the cold.

Crisis or no crisis, one thing is clear, the Burberry man stays a hundred per cent true to his anglophile origins but agilely adapts to the changing world managing to always stay stylish.

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Mrs. Westwick said...

Christopher Bailey, u r my god. I want my husband, my boyfriend, my friend, my kids and my everything, to dress like that!!!!!!!

Sunniva said...

Christopher Bailey has a talent which is too great! These creations are absolutely fantastic, and if I ever see a guy on the street who dresses exactly like this, I'll run up to him and ask him right there and then if he'll marry me haha! Such a great post xoxo

The Socialite said...

I love the new understated fashion trends coming out. It's a true reflection of society right now and shiny bling is out. This "Oliver Twist-style" is great.

Coco's Tea Party said...

I just looked at this collection and I love it. Every collection Christopher does, whether it is mens or womens, is beyond amazing.

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

ooh this is a great line. christopher bailey never ceases to impress.

Theresa said...

Christopher Bailey is a fashion god!! Love his designes!!

Couture Carrie said...

Love this collection!


Anna said...

i'm not a big fan of the collection.

Anonymous said...

good job!

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