Saturday, February 7

ramshackle catch-up

In the last two weeks I have been to Barcelona and back, spilled a ridiculous amount of water on my laptop, been laptop-less for a week, read two whole books, got back my laptop and got a job for Luella at London Fashion Week.
During the full one-day lock-in due to snow, this is one of the things I managed to do. Me and one of my mates created this unordinary snowman and tried to hit the other snowmen down in the garden resulting in purple hands.

Well, maybe picture perfect is a bit too much considering Scarlett's hair. Overlooking that fact, the picture is quite fashionably spot-on. There is colours and there is black, long and short, hidden and displayed shoulders, even a tuxedo. But even though they all looked pretty much flawless nothing could outshine the Balmain. The green and the little bit of shiny simply synchronized perfectly with Jennifer Connelly's emerald eyes and onyx hair.

Katie, Katie, Katie. Not only she bloomed into one of my favourite and most fashionable celebrities of the last few years but she cannot seem to get it wrong. Whether it is red carpet soirées or family trips to the beach she knows exactly what to wear and how to pull it off. As of late, she seems quite keen on adding a certain retro look —30's, 50's, 60's.

And now, to bring this randomness salad to an end, a few looks from the parties section. Red seems to be in wherever I look. I love the Lacoste jumper and I wish I could get my hands on the suit. But of course no one can win to Mr. Pilati, specially is he is wearing black.

[Pictures credit:, JustJared, moi]

I'm off.

PS. Thank you all for your good wishes for Christopher!


Winnie said...

Luella? You are unbelievably lucky! Glad Christopher is back up and running!

Juliet said...

Great post!

juliet xxx

Myriam said...

Ihh work for Luella, amazing! That Balmain dress is purrfection, love that green colour. London shopping date when I'm coming? Ha :D

Mrs. Bloom said...

1st, I must say Im also enchanted by Brad and Angie. Went to see Benjamin Button today, and my oh my, anyone who doesnt understand my Brad Pitt obsession can watch that film, and I will garantee that they will also share that same obsession.
Now to the fashion, Katie definately cannot get it wrong, love her always. About Stefano Pilati and his suit, sweetheart u kno I tell u always, u look more and more like Stefano each day.
Finally I must tell u, Im also inlove with the Balmain dress, it even managed to out-shine Jen's magnificent tux.
Love ya tons!!! Great review!

The Socialite said...

Wooowzers Luella! Congrats! You're just too amazing. haha

Sublime Hallucinations said...

Katie looks like she has slimmed down quite a bit and looking beautiful in that black gown. Of course Stefano looks brilliant as ever.

Coco's Tea Party said...

I really love Katie, her style has quickly over-taken Posh's.

H A N N A H ♥ said...

thanks, I'm linking you now =)
much love ♥
Hannah ((
PS: great post! x

H A N N A H ♥ said...

just saw your other comment on my blog, about having trouble adding me. veryyy strange =( don't know how to fix that really, havent had that problem before... keep trying I guess lol! I'll link you now anyway so let me know when the link works! ♥

v said...


Anonymous said...

Hola guapeton! Espero que Christopher recuperara rapidamente! Voy mirando tu blog de vez en cuando y a mi me parece impresionante. Bueno bueno... cuidate mucho. Béné.

me said...

good job,bro!!

I wanna be Katie!

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

Luella? Nice I look forward to hearing your sure to be fab experiences


Camilla said...

"Well, maybe picture perfect is a bit too much considering Scarlett's hair."

This made me laugh ;)