Thursday, January 28

pastel greatness

I finally bought The Great Gatsby on DVD last week, which means I can now watch it and watch it until I know the lines as well as The Devil Wears Prada's. This time, though, I was particularly fond of how SS10 the costume design (all by Ralph Lauren, may I note) is. I unsuccessfully tried to screen capture my favourite shots, so it will have to do with a few not-very-amazing pictures I found online and one of those randomly put together youtube fan videos.
If you haven't seen the film but read the brilliant masterpiece by Fitzgerald (my second favourite book ever) you will know that the story takes place in a hot summer in Long Island. The fashion peak of the film starts when Robert Redford (Jay Gatsby) slips into his first white suit and finalises with the ultimate pink pastel suit. All dextrously accessorised with contrasting-coloured ties, pocket squares and (my personal favourite) the collar pin.
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Of course, after the 138 minute mode-frenzy I had to find some pastel dresses you dear readers could wear this season. The best thing is that, unlike most major trends, this one is applicable to womens and menswear. I already have in mind a handful of buys to get ready for this Spring —starting with these beautiful pair of beige and grey shoes I acquired on Saturday. Are you in?
I'm off.


Juliet said...

Haven't seen it but it looks just lovely!

juliet xxx

North West London Girl said...

One of my all time favourite films, simply beautiful, perhaps that's why I'm so in love with this seasons pastels. How can a man have impossibly blue eyes...

Char Ruiz Manjarrez said...

oh my! I sooo envy you and your lanvin shoes! I adored this post, great inspiration!


ps. I may not have been commenting but I've never stopped coming here, you keep getting better and better.

pss. we would totally rule london if i lived there