Monday, February 15

soVIP bedtime story

Once upon a time there was a girl that was very bitchy and shady but very beautiful. She was very mean to Whitney and soon left to work at Elle. There she was mean to a whole other bunch of people. Then she met a German prince that was anything but Upper East Side. And she changed. And she wore a Zara shirt with amazing bright green DVF shorts. And she took everyone's breath away.
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I'm off.
PS. Someone please give her a hand with her makeup, though.


Tala Samman said...

Thanks for the story. haha x

Gia said...

I love Olivia simply because she is not afraid of colors, she knows how to mix and match, she is damn stylish:)


Jessica said...

Hahaha! Love the little story!
Love the color combination here
Touche' Olivia!

Jess x

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