Friday, March 26

embroidered flowers

I have been blogging a lot about celebrities in the past few days, which is not because I intend to but because I am ever astonished at the amount of FW10 pieces that we have seen at events only a couple of weeks after fashion month came to an end. In any case, this has to be one of my favourite celebrity moments so far (in regards to FW10, that is). Emma Watson has that classic British mixture of neatness, coolness and casualness that works great with any dress. She pretty much rocked this Christopher Kane with embroidered leather and lace (one of my favourite collections of the season). I specially loved how the sides of the slightly A-shape skirt have been tucked in for her to give the dress a more body-con and young silhouette. Do you love Kemma? (Kane/Emma - I know, I am hilarious).
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I'm off.

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Elena said...

Me gusta Emma Watson ya desde Harry Potter :)

sarah said...

i do love the alteration they made on the skirt, it looks great on her!
thank you for your comment on my blog!

Ezra said...

I love Emma
Nice blog Im glad I found it.

diamondsinchampagne said...

Um where has your blog been hiding! I am going to be a follower.
I also love this dress on Emma, I think it's fun, flirty and sexy. Love the mix of leather, lace and floral.