Friday, March 19

MK's Céline bag

I would love to find out whether the Olsens get the best bags from the season sent to them in advance so the rest of us can try but fail at being fashion-forward enough or do they simply spot the best pieces during fashion week and then spend a week purchasing all of them so they can wear them before everyone else does? This is Mary-Kate leaving her apartment with the black leather structures Céline bag of the season (love it with the beige canvas too).
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Does anyone think this wet hair style we saw Ashley sporting a few days ago will become a trend? If so, how do you keep it? Do you carry a water spray in your bag? And, is the dripping not annoying?
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I'm off.


by Sutton said...

the bag is great. classic but very modern too.

The Queen of Hearts said...

The wet hair look = dreadful. I certainly hope it doesn't catch on.

As for the purse, it is quite darling.