Wednesday, March 3

on arrive

The best part about having American celebrities come over to Europe for fashion week is not seeing them slip into gowns by Galliano or Elbaz but this, their airport looks. I am a confessed airport freak —I anticipate any situation and dress for the cold, the hot, the tired and the glamourous. I believe that settled is always the way (except for Victoria Beckham, who I love to see in umbrella hats and dominatrix leather) and that the bag and the shades that you wear define whether you're a show-off or genuinely stylish. Charlize Therone is one of the latter. Her outfit is practical and chic and the maxi Dior gaucho adds that perfect bit of sophistication. I do wonder whether she wore her patent leather pumps all the war or if there's a pair of converse or flats in her gaucho.
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I'm off.

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Gia said...

She is so hot this woman,love this look:)