Friday, March 12

the return of the yeti

It is funny how it never occurred to Kaiser Karl that this moment would come, even for him. The probability theory proves that, even with the best skills, winning every time is just not possible. If Lagerfeld thought we would simply shiver in awe at his signature on the Chanel label, he thought wrong. Chanel's FW10 was a very unrealistic show —an über-amusing one— that scarcely provided the surmised dose of tweed and proved that even the biggest and most established can have delirious of grandeur. While other designers gave preference to practicality before lavishness, even jeopardising a considerable part of his "classics", the Chanel tweed pieces displayed to please the eye but not the wearer.
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Shoes and boots walked the runway in the shape of drenched heeled yeti footwear and matronly boots that were an unsuccessful intent to reinvent the black and white Chanel boot.
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Menswear, which at Chanel has always been merely indulgent, this time seemed more like an opportunity to display Baptiste Giabiconi and Brad Koenig. Karl has said of Giabiconi, his muse, that he looks just as good with clothes as he does undressed. If we judge by the way he dressed at Chanel, well, make your own conclusions.
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The only part that I did love about the whole collection were, apart from the jewellery, these tweed covers for hot water bottles. I predict an it-bag hit for Sundance and future icy fashion weeks the likes of this past one.
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I'm off.


Adrian said...

Agreed! The fur was ridiculous and I can't even picture die-hard CC junkies trying to pull those shaggy pants off!
However the knits were gorgeous, don't you think? The tie-dye ice blues, the white dresses at the end?

Juliet said...

I was disappointed. Still am.

juliet xxx