Saturday, March 13

smoke gets in your eyes

Whatever the newspaper covers say, I don't care too much for Gaga smooching a girl in the lips, taping her bosom or forgetting her knickers at home. I do care, though, about the jaw-dropping work of Nicola Formichetti in every single one of her videos. Whether for or against Gaga it is undeniable that her association with the Japanese/Italian stylist and Dazed & Confused creative director is pushing the fashion envelope. Now, we are not sure where the envelope will end up. And, for the moment, we don't care.
The fascinating stub glasses that seem somewhat disturbing as they still steam. Perhaps a cliched metaphor?
Takes the whole concept of trashy chic to a complete, very literal level.
My favourite piece of clothing from the video —the black & white Thierry Mugler outfit.
I would have liked to see Beyonce fight the crazy 88 as Uma did.
I am still trying to understand the reason why this "Let's make a sandwich" bit is a part of the video. But I am really digging the latex dress and the fact that there's visual evidence of Gaga ingesting food.
Worst fringe and best eye-shadow.
One of the many Castelbajac from the video. Strikingly beautiful.
[Screen captures by moi from the Telephone video by Lady Gaga and Beyonce]
I'm off.


Kirstie Marié said...

I wasn't always keen on Gaga however recently, her style has captivated me. I love how her music videos can't be compared to any other, to me her videos and style create this somewhat piece of art

Kirstie Marié

Passport Smiles said...

Yes, we have evidence that Gaga eats! And I agree with the worst fringe/ best shadow. I wish I were black so I could pull of that yellow eye shadow. But the yellow dress? Yuk.