Thursday, October 28

Anna hearts GG

Last night New York City was host to the Vogue London Emerging Designers cocktail party. And as any fashion related evening affair its guest list included not only as many Gossip Girl cast members as one could get but also the coming of Queen B herself. Anna looks all smiles in this picture with Ed Westwick. Is she on the hunt for another Gossip Girl best friend?
ed-westwick-102610-2 copy
And I ask this because during the last few months she has been consolidating her friendship with none other than Serena van der Woodsen. Blake has already appeared on the cover of American Vogue twice (the first in February 2009 and the second in June 2010) and she'll possibly make it again in 2011. She has also been sharing a whole lot of front row seats with Wintour, whom we know hand picks her company for these events. Blake makes Anna happy, and that's everything we can ask for, isn't it?
Furthermore, I wonder if this fixation with Blake and (possibly) Ed has to do with their looks and fashion savvy or if she is, in fact, a Gossip Girl addict. I'd like to believe it's the latter. I love the picture of Anna going home early on Mondays, slipping in her expensive silky pyjamas, her cashmere and fur home jacket and her Manolo slippers. Yeah, it totally makes sense. And it calls for a cameo. After all, if Hamish did it, why not her?
Above: Marni two piece silk pyjamas, Halston coat, Manolo Blahnik gold lizard heels.
I'm off.



Juliet said...

The idea of Anna watching GG is absolutely hilarious! Thank you for making my day!

juliet xxx

Nuria said...

jajajajaja! me encanta!

Cupcake said...

Anna goes for the obvious. She's kinda dull in my books.

Coco's Tea Party said...

Although it would be cool if Anna watched I think she probably has better things to do/finds the show stupid. She doesn't seem like the sort of woman who could deal with all that high school crap.