Wednesday, October 13

Balenciaga & ladders

AshleyOlsenBALENCIAGAI am still not over the fact that the Olsens didn't make any official appearances during Paris Fashion Week. One of my favourite bits about the big shows of the last days of fashion month is getting to see the most stylish celebrities wearing clothes we won't see for another six months. However, Mary-Kate and Ashley were kind enough to don some impressive ensembles to shop around the French capital. This is one of those gems. Ashley slipped into some FW10 Balenciaga showing how Nicolas Ghesquière's high-tech mode is very easy to wear. She, of course, accessorised it with some the Olsen's signature black and fur pieces. She even got away with a peek-a-boo tight ladder. Not of the women I know would ever step out with one of those. They'd even prefer go out bare-legged.
Would you?
I'm off.



Cupcake said...

Yeah, no - why??? Like they're tight for cash or they don't have handlers that couldn't run out and grab another pair?!?

Paloma said...

Si la verdad es que lo de la media, sobra...! Ponle un punto negativo a tu wife!