Sunday, October 17

Collage Sunday, 17.10.10

TaylorTomasiSS11CollageSundayToday I'd like to devote our Collage Sunday to one of the editors that stood out the most during the SS11 fashion month and from whom we can expect great things. The outfits from Taylor Tomasi, the current style and accessories director for US Marie Claire, had me mesmerised for weeks. She has an ability to mix very girly and fragile pieces with tough ones with a very urban feel. Regardless to say, she is a very beautiful woman and she really knows how to carry herself. I almost walked into a group of people for staring at her during LFW the day she wore the sheer lime shirt with the quilted khaki shorts and the Dries Van Noten leopard scarf! These below are my favourites from this season. Enjoy your Sunday!

I'm off.

[Pictures: The Sartorialist, Jak & Jill,, TFS]


Paloma said...

Parece la hermana de Olivia Palermo!


E. said...

I love Taylor's quirky take on fashion. The mixed prints/textures are brill. Could never pull off her outfits if my life depended on it tho lol.