Tuesday, October 12

Inside out

We're back! Sorry for the few days absence but Giulia and I felt like taking a little break after the very intense fashion month coverage. From now on we'll be reporting on the rest of the shows we loved as well as on anything relevant for FW10. Today's post comes from the hand of two very close people to me —my sister Paloma (left) and my favourite Spanish fashionista Paula (right). They were kind enough to attend the SS11 Ana Locking show during Madrid Fashion Week as Giulia and I couldn't make it because it coincided with LFW. Big thanks to my sis for taking the pictures and to Pau for writing the review of the collection.
Red light panels, loud electronic music, and then, there was light. Ana Locking opened in Madrid Cibeles fashion week, to a show filled with psychedelic designs, transparencies, asymmetrical shapes, and magical lace. INSIDES was the name given to the collection, and it was that exactly which inspired the prints and the colours, pictures of the insides of the human body viewed through a microscopic lens, introducing abstract compositions that reminded of innocent and beautiful sites of terrestrial nature.
The weight appropriate models, as Cibeles fashion week rules establish, marched down the runway with dresses in various warm colours, and lace dresses and skirts that belong in the closet of Goddess Dello Russo. Above all, the show was rather provocative, the lace and transparencies were truly a pleasure for the eye, as were the dresses and trousers that flowed as if drawing the shapes of the wind. There was a certain juxtaposition, in pairing up the trousers, and the lace skirts and dresses, with clean cut blazers displaying a bare back, and held together with leather belts, which broke the sobriety of such a classic garment. Locking portrays a woman comfortable in her own skin (or insides in this case), with low back and necklines, provocative and sexy, yet subtle and elegant enough, to wear anywhere, from a yacht party in Corcega, to dinner at sunset in Ibiza. Ana Locking dressed the outside with the insides, combined lace and leather, used asymmetrical lines and clean cuts, and merged science and fashion, to a final triumphant result, giving us all yet another reason to keep Madrid Cibeles Fashion Week on our radar.
Check out Ana Locking's website here. You can also follow my sister and Paula on twitter to see what they get up to.
I'm off.

[Pictures: Ana Locking, soVIPzone]


Cupcake said...

You wouldn't get over looked if you walked into a room in red. The best attention colour. Nice job with the post! :)

Coco's Tea Party said...

I do like all the red and lace. Very sexy.