Tuesday, October 19

Lanvin x H&M: What we'll see and what we want

Giulia and I were quite excited last night when we read that Vogue.com was giving us a first look at Lanvin's collaboration with H&M that comes out on November 23rd. As exciting as this beautiful picture (shot by David Sims) can be, the truth is we haven't found out any more than we al ready knew. The line will include lots of black and, at least, one of Lanvin's famous one-shoulder dresses.
Screen shot 2010-10-19 at 13.18.57
At soVIPzone we have looked back at some of Alber Elbaz's most popular collections to try and figure out what is it that we will see based on Lanvin's past hits and the released picture. But we have also tried to guess which unreleased pieces will be filling H&M rails in a few weeks.
And we couldn't forget jewellery, of course. The picture released today makes it evident that we will see pearl necklaces and bracelets with bulky emerald green and pale pink flowers attached to them. But we wonder whether some of Lanvin's chunkier pieces and their famous ribbon necklaces will also make an appearance. That would make a round collection.
I'm off.

[Pictures: Style.com, Net-a-Porter]


Cupcake said...

The one shoulder dress is becoming more of a staple than a trend. Beautiful!!

Juliet said...

I just love this! And I can't wait, knowing Lanvin, the collection will be amazing chic and luxurious!

juliet xxx

Abbie B-C said...

OH MY EFFIN' GOD! This is so freakin' genius!