Friday, October 29

Same Couture, different takes

Let me first apologise for posting another editorial-rant (just coined the term) but, you see, I am flying back to Madrid for the weekend today and I 'm not sure if I'll be able to post anything else today —Collage Sunday is still on, though. Besides, I wanted to share these two editorials with you guys and today seemed like the perfect occasion.
The first one, "Orlando", is from YO Dona, one of my two favourite Spanish newspaper supplement magazines. I used to read it every Saturday at my grandma's while she finished preparing lunch. They have very good taste but they're often too safe. This editorial, while not being too daring, is quite edgy for the publication, which is part of why I like it. The other reason why I do is because, even though it has taken Dior's inspiration too literally, the slightly Marie Antoinette theme works extremely well with all the pieces and it helps build up the drama of the Couture.
The second, titled "Meisterwerke", belongs to the October issue of German Vogue. I was also surprised to find such a great shoot in Vogue Deutsch, as they don't often push the envelope too much. In their editorial, contrary to what YO Dona did, they approach HC from a really down-to-earth perspective. I think this works particularly well because Anja Rubik stands for that sort of earthiness, if you will. Together, the two editorials make a beautiful contrast representing what Haute Couture traditionally represented and the way it's moving forward.
I'm off.

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