Friday, October 15

Storia d'amore

I love how, lately, every happy piece of news we get is always related to the Regina della Moda —aka: Anna dello Russo. First, she tweeted at us saying thank you for a post we did on her over the summer, which was beyond kind. During London Fashion Week I spotted her first row at Kinder Aguggini and ran down to get a picture taken and she was lovely! (And she had the amazing cherries on her head). And now, she as tweeted and blogged using my collage from Paris Fashion Week!!!!!! Giulia and I are so happy that, not only she has visited the blog, but she liked our work enough to share it with everyone.
We love you, AdR!
Screen shot 2010-10-14 at 23.16.41

If you didn't see it last time, this is moi with Anna. I am only sorry that the picture is a bit too blurry and that her cherries aren't showing. Otherwise this would be hanging proudly on my wall!
I'm off.


Cupcake said...

Oh you lucky duck!!!

Bigio said...

She's great!!! Cute blog here ;)