Monday, October 18

Water marked

Kate Bosworth is on the move! She is one of my favourite
celebrities in terms of fashion and she has been out and about
in Hollywood for the last few days, which is synonym for great photocall moments like this one.
Bosworth loves simplicity and minimalism  on clothes so it was pretty much a 'no brainer' for her to wear No. 21. She chose a beautiful lilac silk and chiffon number from the brand's FW10 collection, which was a perfect choice because it was simple enough for her style yet interesting enough for us. I love how it slowly becomes intricate as you go down, finishing off with an asymmetric frilly trim.

And so I decided to look at what No. 21 proposed for SS11. Even though they're only on their second season I am already a big fan. I was devastated when Alessandro dell'Acqua put an end to his namesake brand so it came as a relief when he created No. 21. Just like we saw with many other designers this season, the collection roots for sportswear. But it does so bringing in extremely fragile and feminine materials the likes of silk, silk crepe, chiffon and cotton and a muted colour palette only accentuated with the odd print and sexy red. Dell'Acqua played with asymmetry once again.  Skirts and dresses became longer on the sides and pleat details unevenly spread across the waist. An extremely chic minimalistic option that will shortly become an international hit.

I'm off.


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Cupcake said...

The cut of her lilac dress is beautiful - especially aournd the neck and arms, my fav cut. Beautiful!