Thursday, October 21

What she wore: Yasmin Sewell

Last August Vogue made public that fashion consultant extraordinaire, Yasmin Sewell, was leaving her role as chief creative consultant of Liberty of London. In only three years, Sewell managed to reinvent the way Liberty's thought about fashion. She introduced a lot of new designers and brands bringing in new clientele while keeping the store's usuals coming back. But not only that, it was thanks to her that the store made their first profit in the last ten years. And so Sewell felt her work, Liberty's "fashion Renaissance", was complete and it was time to move it. Even though most of Yasmin's clients are kept confidential she reassured us (her fans!) that there will still be "publicised collaborations and ventures in the future". Don't miss her interview of the Telegraph.
We saw less of Sewells during this past fashion month. I don't know if street style photographers were not as interested because of her change of role (which would be outrageous) or if she simply attended less shows than usual. Whatever it may be she still looked spectacular when we did see her. My favourite part of hr style is how she always juxtaposes very tough elements like the Burberry Prorsum boots with extremely feminine, fragile garments like the sheer Meadham Kirchhoff dress. I also love the fact that she keeps her signature haircut immaculately coiffed and how she always wears different sunglasses.
Left to right and top to bottom: Meadham Kirchhoff SS10 dress, Burberry Prorsum shearling ankle boots, Isabel Marant stilettos, Acne suit jacket, Balenciaga heels, Burberry Prorsum convertible coat-jacket.
I'm off.

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