Thursday, November 18

Balenciaga déjà vu

I find it funny when the media often describes the Olsen's style as a "goth mass of black". They don't realise the twins care so little about everyone's opinion on their style that they simply throw on whatever they can find, add a fur coat and grab their respective shabby Kelly bags. If you look closely at those black outfits you'll recognise most of the pieces from days before when they wore virtually the same ensembles. And this below is the last proof of what I just mentioned. Last night, Ashley attended the party wearing the same Balenciaga FW10 look she'd donned about a month ago, sans the tights ladder.
As I mentioned when I saw this on Ashley for the first time, I love the fact that she wears different clothes from everyone else. The loose but structured fit looks excellent on her and the colour is bold but not loud. This got me thinking of which FW10 Balenciaga looks I'd like to see on Ashley this winter. I feel like the first one with the modern materials and panelling and the fur around the wait is very representative of what her style is all about, non?
I'm off.


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Winnie said...

Oh I loved that Balenciaga collection...the colours are so soft and muted (even with the flashes of bright colour) and easy on the eye. So pretty. I love that Ashely wore that outfit again...