Sunday, November 21

Collage Sunday, 20.11.10

CollageSundayKimKardashianI knew from they moment I chose her as the centre of my Collage Sunday that Kim Kardashian might not get the warmest welcome from fashion lovers, which would be unfair. I've never known much about her apart from the fact that she is sort of related to Brody Jenner but over the last few months she's been catching my attention a lot. I really like the drama in everything she wears and how she doesn't hold back with the accessorising —fur, big hats, thigh-high boots, Birkins... I also like the fact that she's not really trendy, which strikes as a surprise. She does wear season pieces but her personality shines through every time. Plus, she is incredibly clever about the way she choses her clothes to nicely show off her body in a sexy but not obvious way (please note her remarkable derrière). Like it or not, the woman can dress!   —Happy Sunday!

I'm off.


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Coco's Tea Party said...

She's very pretty and I can see her appeal but I think she has a bit of a WAG look going, very much like Cheryl Cole. It's more money than taste, but she has (or her stylist - does she have one?) put together a few nice looks this year.