Wednesday, November 24

H&M x Lanvin: My picks

As promised, here are my picks from the Lanvin collection for H&M. After queuing for hours in the cold Iñaki and I finally got in and we had a strategy so I didn't miss out on anything. We split the area in two and each of us would grab what I wanted in my size. I was annoyed not to be able to get the amazing fuchsia one-shoulder dress in any size below 14 but between the two of us we managed to take to the fitting room most of what I wanted. The bad news is some of the dresses with the ruffles and the tutu skirts were a bit too puffy and unflattering. So I ended up choosing the black dress with the embroidered neckline, which is to die for and I can't wait to wear on Friday night! I also got one of Lanvin's signature tees. I, of course, went for the one that was the most fun; I especially love the chiffon detailing! The accessories were a bit on the the disappointing side. The shoes were too low for my taste and the bags a bit too glitzy and cheap-looking. But I loved the kind of arty earrings, I simply can't wait to wear them! What did everyone get?
Giuls xx

[Pictures: Giulia]


InVogue said...


I got the same t shirt as you did, plus the t shirt dress that a friend will get eventually ))
The red embellished dress(similar to yours), a yellow one and the dark tulle dress that I will put on a dummy in my room )) and since my prom days are over, I decided to wear it for my engagement party ...
and yes almost forgot...
both clutches for christmas presents ))

Juliet said...

They're both beautiful! I would love to see them on you!

juliet xxx

Giuls said...

Thanks you girls :)! I wanted the tulle dress soo badly, but it looked really bad on me !!

xxx G

Fabuleux said...

So I got a Question I don't have any H&M near and I would Love to have the Lanvin for H&M Sunglasses can somebody buy it for me I will pay for it. Please if somebody can Please let me Know.

Mary Ko. said...

Thanx, dear!

And I personally adore your H&M purchases!

Much love

Cupcake said...

Good picks! (I'm jealous)