Thursday, November 4

Halloween 2010: AdR steals the show (yet again)

It has taken me too long to post about this year's Halloween most notorious outfits. And this is been due to my not being able to find any Anna dello Russo pictures. I read her tweets over the weekend and literally couldn't wait to see what she, the queen of over-the-top, had worn. And, of course, becoming Lady Gaga for the night was the only possible option. She worn one of Gaga's famous see-through latex dresses with plenty of crystal embroidery, which must've been quite a show under the party's lights. She accessorised with a wacky pair of sunglasses, the same white wig she wore for the Vogue Paris masquerade and, of course, a bird on her head. To be quite fair, it was like a more minimalistic and futuristic version of her Gareth Pugh hat. But everything fits perfectly, no doubt about that.
After Anna, my favourite fashionista in Halloween has got to be Brad Goreski. He went to the heart of the matter and dressed up first as Tavi for the Lanvin party and then as AdR, duh. It is kind of scary how absolutely spot-on he got both costumes. I just wish more pictures of him as Anna see the light. How amazing would have it been if he'd had a third party and gone as Rachel? Ba-na-nas.
Bryanboy decided to share some blogger love by also going as Tavi. I'll give him a point for the thoughtfulness and effort but he looked more like a crazy cat-lady. My other two favourite costumes were Anouck Lepère's very literal waffle (so refreshing) and Karmen Pedaru's Altuzarra number, which looked stunning kind of evoking a fashionable faun.
What did you dress up as on Halloween?
I'm off.



Penny Dreadful said...

Anna looks incredible, and like she is having a great time! I didn't dress up but love looking at all the pics of people who did.

Cupcake said...

Nothing! But these costumes are crazy funny!

Front Row Mode said...

Loving the Tavi gavinson outfits