Friday, November 26

Kylie makes a statement

Today, as I was coming back home in the dark and icy London weather I thought to myself how can we possibly make a fashion statement through the winter when we have to heavily wrap up to fight the climate. I try not to wear my dark grey and navy coats too much so that I don't bore myself and when I do I often add a nicely patterned scarf and a colourful pair of shoes and gloves. But there's only so much one can do, right?
Well, Kylie Minogue has managed to both make a statement and stay warm during the Thanksgiving celebrations in New York (Happy Holidays to the soVIP American readers, btw!). She donned one of Chanel's most extraordinary fur and tweed coats from Legerfeld's FW10 collection and she amazingly accessorised it with a thick-knit turban, leather gloves (rings included) and a nice pair of leather boots. There is nothing I don't love about this look. I had never been too keen on Kylie but she is making all the right choices lately.
I'm off.



Penny Dreadful said...

I love Kylie anyway, but this look in particular - the knitted turban is wonderful.

WendyB said...

Now I want a knit turban!

karin said...

You bolg is very good and you have different view ,I learn a lot ,thanks !

E. said...


I'm loving Kylie's Doctor Zhivago/Chanel moment.