Thursday, November 4

Lanvin x H&M: What we'll get

This week we got to finally see the entire collection that Alber Elbaz has designed for H&M in the name of Lanvin. I tend to be a little sceptical when it comes to designer collaborations because, in the past, they have been rather disappointing. So I was scared of how much they were building up the Lanvin line. Until I saw it, that is. I think the clothes look incredible and the range and quantity of pieces are spectacular. I believe it is unprecedented to create something so close to an actual full collection for a high street shop. I hope other designers learn from Elbaz for future collaborations. [Don't miss the video]
You might remember that a couple of weeks ago I posted about my predictions and wishes for the pieces we'd definitely see and those I'd love to see. I was right about Alber creating a number of separates. But I thought that'd only refer to tailored pieces. However, the line goes beyond and offers a range of Lanvin's signature embroidered t-shirts, sculptured skirts, blazers and even a faux-fur coat!
I had my doubts about the jewellery and, alas, those have been confirmed. It looks quite cheep and uninspired. But it is a hard task to make jewellery on a budget as it's quality depends as much on the materials as it does on the design. The bags, however, are a great surprise. I think they're perfect for night, specially if you want to add a dash of colour.
The shoes are a bit of a hit and miss. My favourite ones are the leopard pair with the bejewelled heel and the ankle ribbon because, despite the detailing, they look effortless and chic. I'm unsure about the other pairs. The red pumps are okay but cheap patent leather never looks good, never. My issues with the other two pairs are the unfinished effect on the trimming of the bows rather than the shoes themselves. I guess some people will like that but I am more into polished.
I was also hoping for some of Lanvin's bright hues and drapy pieces. There isn't much drapery in the collection, which is substituted by ruffles in different sizes and layers. I think that's a clever, cheaper option and it definitely works. There's pinks, oranges, reds, yellows and bright prints in the shape of one-shoulder and strapless dresses that will work for different occasions.
And last, black, of course. This was my safest bet as we had seen some of it on the first images already. I like the fact that they're a bit more restrained but they retain that femme fatale vibe to them. My favourite is the not-black-but-blue short number with the vertical ruffles. It's simple and elegant but there's an element of sexy drama to it that I absolutely love. As I loved the sunglasses that Elbaz has created both for men an women of which I must have a pair!
Which pieces are you dying to have?
I'm off.


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