Friday, November 12

RI-mote inspiration

I've you've read my tweets today you'll know I've been complaining about being uninspired to post today. This always happens every couple of weeks and I usually take it as a sign that tells me to sit back and relax because the world won't end and people won't jump off bridges if I don't post for one day. But the thing is, just as the day (in terms of light, anyway) came to an end I was going through some celebrity pictures of the day and found these of Rihanna below. I realised how much I've been into what she's been wearing for the last couple of months since she dyed her hair red. It sounds too simple but it's the new hair that suddenly makes everything work and which has made Ri-Ri find her own style.
Over the last years Rihanna has obviously changed image as many times as any other celebrity would have. She did the rock chick thing for a while but it never worked for me. Then she had that horrendous bleach quiff, which was even worse. But the new red do adds something really interesting to everything she wears. To begin with, it works perfectly with her skin tone. It adds a stroke of colour when she wears monocolour muted outfits but it also adds an extra bold hue when she does colour-blocking. And it even works with pink! Because of all of that she has been rocking a lot of more minimalistic designers like Chloé and Stella McCartney and more body-con numbers by Mark Fast, Pucci and Balmain. I specially loved the William Tempest SS11 dress she wore on the Xfactor.
All of this together with the pictures above instantly brought Marni's SS11 collection to my mind. I think its minimal sportswear luxury is a perfect match for Rihanna. The prints, the bold colours and the unexpected fabrics beautifully cut would look so great on her. So I am making this a plead to Marni's PR to send Ri-Ri as much summer Marni as they can.  Are you with me?
I'm off.



Gandhi meets Chanel said...

You're right ! She looks way better with her red hair .
I was really amazed by her outfits lately especially the ones from her last music video only girl in the world .

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