Friday, November 5

Thinking ahead: Tod's SS11

TodsSS11previewA couple of weeks ago Giulia and I were lucky enough to preview what the Italian staple Tod's will make us want to wear next season. We were warmly welcomed at their Old Bond Street store where we enjoyed Prosecco in an amazing sea of shoes. They are best known for their "gommini", the suede and leather loafers that any woman wears across the world from Milan to New York, passing Barcelona and London, of course. Giulia an I were gladly surprised by the range of accessories that they offer on top of shoes. G absolutely "died" over the leather detailed cuffs, their suede lace-up heels and the incredibly light and soft croc bags.

We tried to edit down the choice of our favourite pieces but having so many beautiful colours and materials made this really hard. Would we go for the fuchsia croc loafers or for the python ones? Maybe the yellow suede? So we ended up making a short video so you can choose for yourself. If it were up to us we'd have them all in our wardrobe!

I also recommend you to pay a visit to their website. They have celebrated their collaboration with Milan's Teatro alla Scala with an unbelievable video. It is a dance allegory of the making of their famous "gommini". You'd think this is another of those nonsense fashion videos but you'd be missing out. I was in absolute awe of the impressive choreography, which perfectly represents every step of the creation process from the pebble fitting to the trimming.
I'm off.

[Pictures: soVIPzone, Tod's]


Cupcake said...

Beautiful! This could be my fav advertisements too, always so chic.

Paloma said...

Esta entrada es muy Marisabel!

Filipa said...

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