Saturday, December 11

Giabiconi turns pop star

I know I said this week updates were going to be back to normal but I didn't anticipate the second wave of attacks from my cold. I'm still battling it out and I'm not in full-blogging mode yet but I woke up this morning and found this and there was no way in hell I was not going to post it on soVIPzone an leave a couple of comments with you.
Yes, you're eyes are not playing tricks on you, Baptiste Giabiconi (aka: Kaiser Karl's favourite toy) is now a pop star. I encourage you to watch the whole four minutes of video in HD and full screen. I covered my face for the most part of it but maybe you can get through it? First of all, who thinks that a man can wear so much jewellery? (unless it's Lagerfeld himself, of course). Secondly, why would they make it say that unnecessary line in English when he obviously has the thickest French accent? Which leads me to my fourth question, why the Americana/motel/desert theme? They should've shot it in St. Tropez or Cannes, maybe Karl could've directed it? How much of what he wears is Chanel? And, is the motorbike the one we saw the last Cruise 2011 show? And finally, anyone out there who thinks this could be a success?

I'm off.

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Kirstie Marié said...

I don't want to belittle Baptiste's ambitions and attempt at a music career but oh my! He really should stick to the modelling. I'm not quite sure how many times I've cringed watching this, the dancing, the tacky video, the tacky beat I could imagine being played in holiday resorts a la basshunter. Must stop complaining, I just hope he is in an amazing editorial sometime soon to redeem himself.