Friday, December 31

Happy New Year!

About two hours ago I finally received my laptop charger, which I had cleverly forgotten in Spain last Wednesday when I headed back to London. I'd like to say sorry for the lack of posts. Being at home always makes me feel lazy and go out and not blog as much. My new year resolution is to get back to my regular blogging routine :) I assume everyone's got their outfits for tonight already laid out on their beds, your Louboutins polished and your hair straightened. But have you thought on what you'll wear tomorrow? Call me weirdo but I have a lot of fun putting together "lazy-day" outfits. The trick is to kind of look like a celebrity (the good ones, of course) without being one. Think black, oversized, layers and flats. Don't forget a good winter fedora or a beanie and your biggest sunglasses.
Happy New Year!
Thanks for your visits, comments & support throughout 2010!

Giulia & Iñaki


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Cupcake said...

Happy New Year and great to see you back!